Who needs a man: plumbing

I am starting a new series called who needs a man.  It's tips and tricks on how to fix things around the home that usually we would ask the men to do.  Well, put aside those thoughts ladies, 'cause it's time to DO IT YOURSELF.

One of the first projects I learned how to do on my own was out of necessity.  My husband was out of town on business so I was it, alone with two kids.  I woke up one day and caught a whiff of a funky smell coming from my kitchen. After I began my investigation to find the source, this caught my eye.


I certainly couldn't wait for him to come home to get this mess taken care of, so I had to figure it out myself.
Let me share with you what I did


1.   First, I cleaned out everything from under my sink.  (Mostly cleaning supplies and the trash can)
 2.  I collected two good vice grip wrenches and a bucket for all of the drainage I was going to get.

This is a vice grip wrench.  You can change the size of the grip to fit any project.

Make sure to put the bucket underneath the P-Trap, which is the "U" shaped pipe.

3.  Using the wrenches, or if you're freakishly strong like me, loosen the two rings that hold the P-Trap on and let the water pour.  

Tip: If you let it out slowly, you won't have splashing and you will have more control if you were to need to empty your bucket and then come back for the rest of the drainage.

4.  Remove the P-Trap and flush out anything that may be clogging it.  BUT, make sure to flush it out in another sink or the tub, because if you do it in the sink you are working on, you will be sorry when if drains all over the bottom of your cupboard. 

5.  Screw the P-Trap back on  as tight as you can and run the water for a bit to make sure there is no leaking. 


You have now unclogged your sink, with no help from your man.  Now that's something to brag about.

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