Another room remodeled

So this remodel project is what has taken me away from blogging and other various activites for the last little while.  I decided I had to change the paint color of my basement family room to a color that was a little more me.  For years I have seen my friend's cute house and it was painted this beautiful yellow color that I was absolutely in love with.  I got the name of the color and instantly bought 5 gallons to paint our newly finished basement familiy room.  I got it on my walls, and new right away that I didn't love it.  I tried to decorate differently, add accent walls,  you name it I did it.  But I could not get over how much I hated the color on MY walls.  I got to dislike it so much, that I didn't even enjoy going down there anymore unless we were going to watch a movie and the lights were off so I didn't have to look at it. I hve learned through this ordeal, that things you like in other's houses, will not always look good in your house.  I still love her house color, but it is just not me and it is certainly not the color for my house.
So, after the holidays, I decided to change the color to something I liked more.  My upstairs main rooms were painted a beautiful Camino Gray (Ralph Lauren color) and I loved how calm they made me feel and how neutral they were to decorate with.  So, I took that color downstairs as well.  And then combined it with what I like to think is my signature color, Fire Engine Red!!  I want to share a few tips with you about buying gray paint.  There are a million different grays out there and I have learned (the hard way) that you have to be careful how you choose the perfect gray. 
Gray paint has three different base tints. You can get it with a base color of purple, blue and green.  The purple and blue may look pretty together, but once you get them on the wall and the walls start reflecting off each other, you will see that they will look lavendar.  But, gray with a green base tends to give you a true gray color. Just FYI.
I decided to make a focal wall as a faux board and batten square pattern. I did that in my little boy's room and you can find that tutorial here.

I then found some great fabric at a local home fabirc store who sells fabric at wholesale prices.  It took 10yds to do make 4 - 84" panels.  I paid $40 total for the fabric.  I feel like I practically stole it!! The window cornices were featured in a tutorial way back when and you can find that here if you like that look.

And then those super cute frames, I made them.  I have no tutorial on them as it took me forever to get from start to finsih becasue lately I have a serious problem with starting 5 or 6 projects and finishing 0 of them.  Because of that, I have no insructions for how I made them, but I did find instructions here, so you can make your own.

And I did another faux board and batten square pattern at the end of the hallway.  One day I will get around to hanging some really cool and colorful pictures but again....I have become the crafter who doesn't know how to finish a job. So that will have to be for another day.
All in all.....I think the room turned out amazing!!! And it was a remodel that with a little time and effort, cost very little to do.
It's all about being a litte daring.....and a little crafty.

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  1. Kellie, it is beautiful!!!! I can't believe I missed this post because I've seen all the others. You have an amazing talent for everything! I love the color and I never thought I would say that about a gray. The frames are so cute too. Love the pop of red. I need to hire you!!!