An Initial impression

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy gardening and have beautiful gardens surrounding your house, you should a least provide a welcoming entry to your home.  Just as the inside of your home is an expression of you and your personality, so too should your front porch as it is the first impression your guests will get from you.

It doesn't have to be extravagant, something simple, put together with a little thought and freshened often (even if it's just with a can of spray paint).  My front porch consists of items found at thrift stores, classified ads and a little creativity born in my office in the basement.

This fantastic twig chair I found for $25 on a classified ad, the lantern could have been purchased at  Costco for $50, but I found it at a thrift store for $10 because it had a broken piece of glass. (I just turned the broken side to the back so you would never know.) And one of my very favorite things to do is change out the sayings on my door for each holiday-or month- which I do with my silhouette vinyl cutter.  I often get comments on them and people are intrigued at what will be posted next.

I love my grapevine swag that added a bit more character to the porch.  Especially at night when the white lights come on.  There you go....porches are not just for door mats and mailboxes anymore.  Time to think out of the box and express yourself on the outside of your house too.

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