A tree trunk masterpiece

I am pretty sure people think I am crazy when they take a look at my gardens and see a few random old tree trunks just buried in the yard....serving absolutely no purpose at all but taking up space.  Well, there actually is a reason behind why they are there, but they're right, they are just taking up space and looking rather dull in an otherwise fancy garden.

These tree stumps are remnants of a tree that was in my parents front yard and after 30 + years of being there, it sadly had to be cut down.  So, I took a few of the stumps to put in my gardens as a reminder of my childhood home. Ahhh...kind of sentimental I know. 
After weathering the elements of Utah's harsh seasons, there has finally come a point when they need a bit of sprucing up.

So here's what I did......

I took a 1" drill bit and drilled holes in the trunk in an "off-center" position.  (Everything in gardening looks better "off-center.")  I drilled all the way through the stump so I had a hole at both ends.

I then headed to one of my favorite nurseries and picked out a fun assortment of plants that would grow in a trailing formation. I love strawberry plants but can't seem to make the fruit actually grow.  So, I have given up and I guess I will settle for "fruitless" strawberry plant. 

Here's a great tip that any expert gardener will share with you.  When you take your plants from their containers, you will notice that their roots are so tightly wound around each.  In order for those roots to spread and take better hold in your garden, you need to tear the bottom of the plants and loosen the roots.

Like so...........

I took some nice black potting soil and filled the hole in my tree stump 2/3 of the way and planted my strawberry plant.

And now I am going to patiently wait to see my new and improved tree stump turn into an artistic masterpiece in the middle of my garden. 

I know it sounds kind of corny, but I promise it will look fantastic in your garden beds.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are creative! I'll be over tomorrow wandering your garden to admire your tree stumps! You know how to make everything beautiful! How lucky I am to have you for a neighbor and sweet friend! And I'm so glad you added a comment box!