Bottle cap bling

It sometimes takes me a while to catch up with the newest fashion trends.  Not because I don't enjoy fashion and it's ever and quickly changing trends, but unless a 5 year old wants it, I don't even know it exists.
I was called to organize a camp for a young women church group and we had to come up with crafts to keep them entertained.  What is a 12-18 year old girl into these days.  And then a thought.......who doesn't love new, funky jewelry.  And bottle caps fit right in that "funky" category.

So, I dropped by the craft store and picked up some bottle caps for this project, got on the Internet and found as many crazy and different images I could so each girl could fine something she liked, and got to work making a sample piece or two....or three.

I made these for my 5 year old girl and a couple of her close friends.

These were super easy to put together.  Most of the time you can find these bottle caps with holes already drilled into them.  However, I like things as difficult as possible, so the ones that I purchased needed holes punched in them.  I took a nail.......

and hammer and made a punch.  It took no effort at all.

After that was done, I collected the images I had found and used a 1" hole punch and cut them out.  My cutting skills are terrible, so any tool that can help make life easier, I am all for. 

1" hole punch

I love this infamous picture of "Joe" from the Eskimo Joe collection out of Stillwater, OK

You can string ribbon or a chain through the hole in the top of the bottle cap, but to get it all to lay nicer and prettier, you should add a jewelry loop to it to string your hardware to.

And then add your chain. Or in my case, ribbon.

The girls at camp loved this project.  Here are some other things I came up with in addition to making a necklace.





I know I know...............its' pretty crafty!

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