Monsters Not Allowed

Kids are funny aren't they?  My daughter has this irrational fear of monsters in her room.  At night, she is convinced they will hide under her bed and wait to scare her.  Some nights it requires a huge amount of effort to get her to bed.  So, I had to come up with something to calm those fears, and my stories of how those monsters prefer to live in the pumpkin patches are no longer very convincing.  

I came up with an idea to create "Monsters Not Allowed" room spray to keep her room Monster-Free.  

It's as simple as adding a bit of peppermint extract ( or whatever smell you like) to a spray bottle full of water.    Then when you spray your child's room at night, you can tell them that the smell repels monsters and helps keep them away.  It may be simple, BUT IT WORKED!!!

So here's one we have for monsters

And one for her fear of bugs

Isn't She Crafty!!

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