A Witch's Broom

For Halloween, my neighborhood reminds me of the kind you typically see on TV where there are just kids roaming all over the streets in search of tasty sugary treats and perhaps a few tricks along the way.  So, it's important to me that I try to enhance their holiday moods with a little holiday decor to greet them at my door. However, I am not into all of the spooky, creepy things that deter the youngsters from ringing the doorbell.  
So whatever crafty thing I can come up with that will welcome haunts and ghouls, I am all over it.  

I have a cute little sign that says "park your broom at the door." I felt like I needed to park a broom at the door so people kind of got the idea.  And what witch rides a nice "store bought" looking broom?  No, we needed a more authentic looking piece, and then the wheels in my crafty little brain went to work.  

I have this old costume suitcase full of the remains of Halloweens past.  You never know when you might need to use an old costume again, right?  Well, my years of saving have paid off before, and this year was no exception.  I dug out an old grass skirt my little girl got from her aunt and uncle when they took a trip to Hawaii. It was too small for her to wear now, but I thought hmmmm......with a little paint and hot glue, that would work perfect as the bristles to my witch broom.
So, I busted out the yellow spray paint and painted it so that some green would still show.  And with my hot glue gun, I wrapped the skirt around the end of a large tree branch I too spray painted, and here's the result.  

The perfect broom for any witch.
Don't you agree?

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