An anniversary on a Budget

The years have almost flown by as my Husband and I come upon our 11 year anniversary.  I love and dread this time of year.  My Husband is the hardest man to buy gifts for....and typically we don't even exchange gifts on our anniversary, rather nice thoughts or gestures.  Well, after 11 years, I am plum outta ideas.

I am always so grateful for everything he does for me and my 2 rambunctious kids, and I need to somehow tell him that in a way that would matter. I saw something on this fantastic website called Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect way to share how much I love him. 

I used a new deck of cards, scuffed them up with sandpaper and gave them a rub with a pigment ink stamp pad, concentrating on the edges.   I punched holes in them, hooked them on a few paper rings and added some labels to give me a place to write. 

52 Reasons I Love You

I hope they all show him why he is just right for me.

52 Things I Love About You

Happy Anniversary my Love!!! I am looking forward to many more

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  1. Ho, I gotta tell you. I absolutely *love* your blog! I love everything here! I love the ideas, what you write and how you write it! I'm sooo glad I found it! :D

    I'll add you to my following list for sure and I can't wait to be inspired even more by you! Thank you for sharing your ideas! :)