A Card to Remember

I love to write cards.  Whether they are thank you's, Happy Birthday notes or just notes to say "Hi", I think a letter or card that you took time to hand write, put in the mail and have sent your way goes the extra mile to show how much you care.  Not only do I love to share notes with others, I LOVE to receive a note in too. My heart is full of joy to know how much I am loved.  I collect those cards.......sometimes when I have a bad day,  I pull one out as a reminder that I matter to someone.  
These cards are my treasures........ but my treasures need some organization.  

How fun and easy it is to just put them together with some paper rings or ribbon and make them into a special book of their own.  Now, I always know where they are when I need a little pick-me up or just a good laugh.  
Now isn't that crafty!

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