A fancy bar stool

I am trying to spice up my house with a little extra color.  I find myself sometimes getting bored of the two toned color and like to express the bold side that sometimes I keep hidden.  Since I am on a bit of a budget, I have to work with what I've got.  So, I turned to the kitchen and saw my boring old bar stools sitting there needing some serious attention. 

I painted them black for starters and then here's where I went crazy...

At Michael's Crafts in the scrapbook paper section, they have these papers that are quite fantastic and look like lace.  I had to have one.  Didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I felt drawn to them. Then I thought back to the bar stools.

I decided to put them on top of the bar stools to add that much needed color and instantly fell in love.  

Now there are three things in life I have found that I cannot live without.  
1. Spray Paint
2. A hot glue gun
3. An air compressor with a nail gun/stapler.

Well, one more thing has now been added to the list of "can't live withouts"

People, if you have not discovered the splendor of this product, then I suggest you get acquainted.  

I cut my paper lace to fit the top of the stool, Modge Podged it on (which puts a coating on it so it becomes no longer like paper, but now wipeable)

And VOILA! Here they are finished.  Just that little bit of color I was craving.  

I think it's all PRETTY CRAFTY!