A Camp Flag

I just returned from one of the best YW camps yet.  We had a fabulous time and despite the rain and freezing cold temperatures at night....we all survived and are all the better for it.  Now that we are back, I can share with you some of the things that we did as a ward group, and some of the things that our Stake YW leaders did for us while we were there.  

We were asked to come up with a flag to represent our ward.  I wanted to make something fun that represented not only our girls, but also the country we chose to represent (Spain) and the message we were trying to share.  The message being that “Those who bring sunshine‍ to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” (sunshine representing the beautiful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

So we made a flag representing the Sun...aka the Gospel, and the 360 days a year of sun that Spain is lucky enough to experience.....and each girl decorated a ray with their name. Representing that each girl is a ray of sunlight to our Heavenly Father and that together, we can stand and light the way.  


It turned out so cute and I am so proud of my girls and all the work they do. 
I am the luckiest camp leader in the WORLD!!


Just a few photos of our flag in action. 

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