An Indoor Snowball Fight

Who doesn't love a snowball fight?  Being outside in the freezing cold, getting pummeled with icy cold "rock" like objects that always seem to hit you in the face?  Well, I love a good snowball fight; when I am the one that stays warm and out of target range, but I especially love the idea of having one indoors.  So, since my kids and I love to have these snowball fights, but aren't too fond of the icy cold either, we decided to bring the snow indoors.
I found these little metal buckets at the dollar store

and with a paint pen, added some embellishments to the front.

I then went over to JoAnn's and found me some fluffy white fabric....on the clearance rack of course.  When I got home, I cut the fabric into various sized circles, and with right sides together, sewed them up leaving small hole so I could turn them right side out and add stuffing.  When they were stuffed to my liking, I simply hand stitched the small hole together.  And that's it, a homemade, fluffy warm snowball.

I decided to take it one step further and add faces to these snowballs.  Perhaps it would make getting hit with them a little more fun.  So, I embroidered little black eyes, an orange carrot nose, and a mouth with cold rosy cheeks to make them look fun.

Put a bunch (my buckets held 6) together in a bucket and then, you are super well equipped for the best snowball fight ever.

Now isn't that crafty?

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