January Refresh Part 3: Framing Mirrors

So, the blustery winter weather has still got us hold up in our house which on one hand is good, because I do get it clean (that is, clean until the kids and hubby get home) and on the other hand, I find things I don't like about my house and need to redo.  This time, while I was cleaning my bathroom, I noticed how drab things were in there and thought, I should start replacing faucets, or paint, and then an idea struck me. I should dress up the mirror.

I can't tell you what a huge difference it made.  It looks a hundred times better and actually made the room look a bit bigger. 

So Here's the HOW TO:

First thing to do is to clean your mirror very well and make sure it's nice and dry.

And if you have learned anything at all from my earlier postings, you would know that I do things as easy as I can and for as cheap as I can.  So, I am using pre-primed moulding that I purchased from The Home Depot, and some double-sided mounting tape to hang it.  You can choose to nail the moulding to the sides of the mirror and not mount it on the mirror itself, however, my mirror comes to close to the wall and it also touches the back splash from my countertop.  So taping was my only option next to purchasing and hanging a completely new mirror, which just wasn't going to happen.

With the help of my miter sawand a little mathematical knowledge, I went right to work.

First, measure the top of the mirror from corner to corner and cut your board to a 45 degree angle.  (remember that 2- 45 degree angles make a 90 degree angle which makes a nice right angle).  After cutting, and before mounting, make sure you have measured correctly, and as my husband always lovingly reminds me...... MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE!


And then carry on measuring the other sides of the mirror.

To make the seams are nicer and also to prevent water (or Windex) from getting the tape wet and ruining the "stickiness" I used caulking for the finishing touch.  I love this stuff.  Here's a critical note.....make sure it is the paintable kind. 

The directions for using caulking is on the tube, but it is simply stated in a few words, "Smear it on.......

and wipe it off.

Perhaps you may have a bit of an issue with corners lifting, and if you do, here's my secret to fixing that. 

The ever handy and versatile HOT GLUE GUN!
Yep, just hot glue that sucker on down.

It looked so good and was so easy, I did it in my kids bathroom too.

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  1. I love the mirror idea. I would love to see if you could give me some ideas. I have a mirror that I have really wanted a border around, but it goes to close to the wall too. It looks like yours turned out beautiful. I need to come check them out!