Say Whatever You Want

I got myself a nice vinyl cutter and have gone a little bit crazy with it.  With quotes and graphics adorning my home, it's fun to change sayings periodically to keep people's attention.  Now, I have to warn you that although vinyl is cute to have hanging around, there is definitely such a thing as TOO MUCH! So I advise you to pace yourselves.  Here are a few examples of what I love to have around my home.

I added my favorite quote to an oddly shaped wall and it alleviated the need to hang anything else in such a troublesome spot.

I put this Minnie and Mickie in my kids playroom and they love to look at it every time they go in.

 This quote is in my kitchen above my doors

Another little thought in the hall by a light switch.  The switch was placed in a terrible spot on the wall so nothing could be hung there.  This was my solution.

And a cute one on the mirror in my bathroom to remind my kids in the morning when they are brushing their teeth, that they are special.

My favorite thing to do with my vinyl quotes is to put them on my front door for every month or holiday.  For January it reads "Baby it's cold outside."  I will make sure to post a picture for my Valentines one. 

The point of this is that decorating doesn't always have to be a picture or wreath or shelves full of Nick-knacks.  It's time to think outside of the box.  Get in touch with your crafty side.  If you don't have access to a vinyl cutter, or don't know of any place to buy one, we would be glad to make one for you.  Contact us for prices.

Here's a few more samples of what we've got here and there

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