Mommy Bracelets

So I am not a jeweler by any means, and actually don't really enjoy the idea of making jewelry.  But I sure do like to wear it. And I really wanted one that I could wear that would remind me of my kids.  So, I put aside my distaste for beading, and tried it anyway. 

Michael's crafts is a great place to find various beading and jewelry making accessories.  I wanted something bright and easy to wear with anything, so I pick colorful beads.  And they have bags of metal letter beads, so I grabbed on of those too.  Along with that, I found some light duty wire at my house in my crafting box, and used a clasp off a bracelet that my little guy had broken and I had hoped one day to salvage.  So, now I was ready to go.

I started by hooking the wire to one of the clasps and because I wanted to put two names on the bracelet, I needed two wires.  I suspect you could put 3 or 4 on a single clasp, but if you needed more, you would have to get a different type.  Ask the ladies at Michael's.  They're smart and can help you out.

I began stringing beads on until I got to a point where I wanted to start the name.  I put on the P, followed by two beads, and so on. After the first strand was done, I put a piece of tape on the end so they wouldn't fall off. I am not going to lie, it took me a couple of tries to get the name centered just right.  Then on strand #2.

Once I was finished beading, I was ready to put the final securing touch on it.  These little metal strips can be found at the craft store as well, and the idea is to bend the wire over the clasp and bend the metal strip around the wire to secure it so it won't come undone.

Hopefully this picture gives you and idea of what I am talking about.

And there you have it, a finished "mommy" bracelet to wear and brag about your kids....or whoever you want.  I think now I might make one for my mom with the names of her grand kids. 

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