An aviation valentine

Sometimes I find myself feeling like a kid again.  Perhaps things back then were a little slower and we had time to create and invent things rather than just buying whatever is pre-made in a box at the local grocery store.  On Valentines Day we see so many different pre-packaged goodies and cards that it almost loses the meaning of showing each other that we care.  So this year, I decided to revisit my early childhood and this time I brought my 5 year old daughter along to help make valentines for her school class.

 We decided to create these fun homeade valentines that resemble an airplane.  You know you liked them then, and you would love to get one now.  I forgot how simple they were to make, and for me, the thought is much greater.

Here's what you'll need.  A box of large smarties, some sticks of gum, lifesavers for the wheels, and elastic to hook it all together.

Pull the elastic through two lifesavers.....

Put a stick of gum on top of the smarties..........ah's coming back to you now isn't it

And use the elastic to hook it altogether.  And there you have it.  A creative and fun valentine, even though it may be considered "old school"

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