January Refresh Part 2

I am sure that eveyone has some sort of curtain or drapery in their home. But have you ever thought about dressing them up with just a simple stripe or two at the bottom?  You'd be surprised how much just two ribbon stripes change the look and add a little sass to your room.

So I just started with plain white curtains, and wanted to spruce them up without going too crazy. So I thought 'what would it be like to add a stripe or two to the bottom.' And thus and idea was born.
At the local craft store, I bought this great product called heat and bond.  Oh my, why have I waited so long to find this stuff.  It comes in all sizes, and I found one that would fit perfectly on the back side of my ribbon. 

So it is as easy as cake.  You place the heat and bond, which is a little tacky, to the backside of the ribbon, place the ribbon where you want it to be on your curtain...

And then you simply apply heat.  Now wasn't the easy.  It's washable and requires absolutely no talent at all.

And the final project is sure to draw many comments..

See, you are crafty.

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