Fabric Wreath

 I saw this darling fabric wreath at a store not too long ago, and as I am always on the search to find something cute to hang on my door, I studied it and realized "I could make one and save money doing it." (Remember that I am the cheap girl).

I decided if I can make this on a budget, how could I possibly keep it a secret.  You will die when you find out how easy it is. 

I went shopping through a bunch of left-over fabrics from various other projects that I had done and found two that would work well together.  For the third, I ventured to the fabric store and bought 1/2 a yard and it cost me $1.29.  What a steal. 

So now all I had to do was cut the fabric into strips.  If there is one talent I lack in life, it is the ability to make a straight cut.  Even if I have a straight edge cutter, it still doesn't work.  So I was beside myself with excitement when I learned that these didn't need to be cut exact, or even straight.  Ahhh.....it's a beautiful thing.

 So while watching Miss America on TV one evening, I got started on my project.  Cutting strips and molding wire.

Once the strips are cut, then the creating can begin. You can buy a wire form for this project at your local craft store, but I chose to save some money and just use some stiff wire to make my own.  

So I cut the wire and molded it into two hearts and hooked them together. 

Then I began tying on strips of fabric

 And you just keep tying, and tying on both hearts, pushing the ties together as close as they can get.

And when you have done that, then voila! Your wreath is complete.  I did add a little embellishment and curled some wire and added a heart cut from that glittery foam (looks like paper but it's foam) and sporadically added them to my wreath.  Now you are all set for Valentines day and you can brag when people asked where you got that darling wreath.

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