A thoughtful gift

I am a member of a fun group of ladies that gets together once a month to play Bunko.  Mostly we just eat and chat, but sometimes we focus and actually roll the dice.  This month it was my time to host and our rules require the hostess to come up with prizes that don't exceed $7 each.  That is sometimes a hard find, but with a little thought and a creative mind, you can come up with something great. 

Instead of buying one exciting item (which is not easy to do with so little $) I thought I would put together a little pack of items to pamper oneself in these blah, blues-feeled month. Here's what I came up with.

A good smelling reed diffuser, cute flower petal lip balm, eye mask, scented wipes, scented hand sanitizer, glitter gel for nails, and cute bath fizzes.

All of this stuff came from the dollar section at Target and Michael's Crafts.  I know, can you believe it was only $1 or less? 

Put it all in a cute container (also $1)

Add a little cellophane, and Voila! A thoughtful and fun gift that was easily $7.
The only question remaining is who's going to be the lucky winner?

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