Light it Up

It is freezing cold outside and so we are hold up in doors for what seems like the rest of our lives. To make the best of these plunging temperatures, I have been rethinking ways to liven up my house so it's a bit more bearable this time of year.

Several months ago, I bought this gorgeous bookcase from a classified ad, painted it black to match my decor, and filled it with treasures.  The carved wood at the top is so unique, but I felt like it kind of got lost. Alas, an idea, lets add lights underneath and see what that does. And so began another project.  Once I got the lights, it only took 20 minutes to put together.  Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

 I went to my local IKEA and purchased a 3-pack of lights that would fit perfectly underneath without being seen. ( I think it was about $12 for the pack of 3)

 After drilling a small hole in the back of each column, and using a few screws to fasten the light to the underside of the bookcase..........

The change was remarkable and exactly what I was looking for.  That was a $12 makeover and now when I look at it, I am so happy to see my "stuff" in lights.  I know what you're thinking...............Isn't she crafty!

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