V-Day Table runner

I don't typically decorate the inside of my house for smaller holidays such as St. Patricks Day or Valentines Day. But this year I decided to try and make more of an effort.  So, I started with simple projects and baby steps to bring a little "LOVE" into my home for the month of February.  I thought I would start with a table runner made of hearts I had cut out while sitting in front of the TV one night. After an hour or so, I had cut out quite a few of these little hearts and was ready to begin hooking them together.  Just using a simple "tack 'em together" type stitch, I hooked them all together in various directions to make this cute and festive table runner to adorne my kitchen for Valentines.  So even watching mindless reality TV, you too can become crafty and put together your own little piece of holiday fashion.  Hmmm......now that's pretty crafty.

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