Say it on the Window

Although I may not put out a lot of Valentines decor inside of my home, I always like to dress up the outside of my house.  Especially when my yard can't dress it up for me in the middle of winter. I like to think past my door and do whatever I can to draw attention to the whole house, not just one part of it.  So, along with hanging my cute Fabric heart wreath I made this year, I also made some cute wood hearts to hang outside on my two front bedroom windows, and two simple red hearts to hang under my lights on the sides of my garage.  Decorations don't have to be elaborate and fancy, just well placed.  Even with simple pieces like these, you will love the end result and feel like the most festive house on the block. 

To make these cute hearts, I just used some scrap wood I had kept and cut them out with my scroll saw, painted them and added a few embellishments.  (After I had spent a bit of time making these, I found some similar at a local craft store. I kind of wish I would have seen them sooner and saved myself some time.  After all, being crafty isn't always about making something, but also about the way in which you use it.)

I attach them to my windows with a small piece of Velcro glued firmly to the back and another piece stuck to the outside of my window pane.   It makes it easy to change them for the holidays and when nothing is there, the Velcro on the window goes unnoticed. 

I know what you're thinking.....Isn't she crafty?!

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