Fit for a princess Feather Pillow

My Girl loves anything that is pink.  She feels like that color was made just for her.  She also feels like she is the ultimate princess and deserves the finer things in life.  She has yet to realize, life isn't always what you think it should be.  But when you are crafty, it can be close. 

You may recall in one of my first postings in January that for Christmas I finally gave in to the non-stop pleading for me to paint her room pink.  After a long and somewhat draining search for the perfect color, we painted the room and started adding accessories. 

Now that I have seen that the end result was not as torturous as I had predicted, I have found myself looking for the ultimate "pink" decorations to accent the "princess" feel of the room.  I got a bit crazy one night and decided to try this out.  You may wonder, "What in the world is she thinking", but I kinda like being a little out of the box.

 Now don't you agree that this pillow is fit for any little princess.  And it was soooooo easy to make.  I found a pillow. Plain, boring.  You could make one very easily if you wanted.  Then I found a feather boa (they are all over the place at fabric stores or craft stores) and sewed it around the edges.   That's all there is to it.

You may not love it at first, but I assure you, your little princess will practically die!! And after all, isn't that why we do what we do, to see the smile on those kids' faces.

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