Books can be fancy too

Let' be honest and say that most people do indeed judge a book by it's cover.  Some are attractive, and some sure could use a little flare.  I'm the kinda gal that likes flare so here's one way I came up with that on a simple book.

In this case, I wanted to dress up a Book of Mormon ( I am my ward's new Young Women's camp leader and had to come up with a couple of easy crafts so that's why I chose this particular book)

It's super easy and requires minimal materials and even less talent.  So here we go:

After picking out what paper I wanted to use, I measured it to the book to make sure it would cover it completly.  Then, I smeared glue from a glue stick all over the front.  I did insert a sheet of scrap paper in between the cover and other pages just so the glue didn't get on them and stick the whole book together.

Then I placed the paper on the glued side.  So far so good right.  Then as I went around the spine of the book, I creased the paper a bit so I would get a nice fit and then continued gluing like crazy.

I had a little excess paper but instead of cutting it off, I wrapped it on the inside and thought if would be a great place to personalize it with the date or whatever you wanted.

So here is the book all covered and dried.

I wanted to ad an embellishment or two so I hot glued some ribbon on it in case you ever wanted to tie it together.

Added a title that I just printed out on my computer

and the final touch was a flower or two.  At Robert's crafts they have these cute flowers that can be painted, chalked or glittered but they are not paper.  I decided to very lightly touch mine up with some pink just to accent it a bit, and then hot glued it on too.

And there you have it.  A book that looks like a good one to read, right. 
Or at least looks good to just carry around.

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