Happy Birthday

We love to go all out to celebrate birthday's at at our house.  In addition to party's and special dinners, we love to decorate for the day.  With balloons filled and scattered all over the house, and banners taped across the garage, I felt like we needed something on the door. So here is what I came up with.

I have decided this is the best project to work on while watching a movie or in my case, the Bachelor.

At the dollar store, I picked up several spools of curly ribbon and went to town cutting string and curling them.  I then picked up a Styrofoam ring and got out the handy glue gun (in case you haven't caught on, it is one of my favorite inventions ever.)

I first began by putting glue strips in random spots around the foam wreath and with the help of a toothpick, pushed the ribbon through the glue and into the Styrofoam for extra protection.

Just keep up with the process mixing the colors as you go.

After about one hour, this is the result.  You can make it as full as you want.  After all, it is your creation. 
This is sure to scream  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and cheer up someones day.

Now isn't that crafty?!?!

Here it is on my door. (Sorry about the tree)

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  1. LOVE THIS! Good job Kellie! PS you have mail....