Trendy Vinyl Covers

I found the cutest blog called Vinylicious Designs and they have the funnest vinyl notebook covers, scripture totes, baby bibs, check book covers and so much more.  I think they are so creative.  I remember seeing them at a local craft fair and fell in love in an instant. If I weren't crazy like I am, I would totally have bought one.  But, me being me, looked at it, studied it and figured I'd try it myself.  And I did. Here are a few pictures of some that Vinylicious Designs made, and I copied.  I totally give them the credit for my creative experiement.

 Plum Girly Skull Mini Composition Vinyl Notebook

I found that all you needed to do was find some good quality vinyl at your local fabric store and get enough for the project you need.  I decided to cover an 8" x 10" notebook to give to my nieces and nephews for their birthdays.  So I measured........

Enough to cover the outside of the book and make two inside flaps..............

And then sewed it together using a zig zag stich. The embelishments on the front can be sewn on, or if you want, get out your trusty glue gun and glue away. 

And if you're lucky enough, you get a little helper to come in and supervise your progress.

(Isn't he cute)

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