Go ahead, add a little sparkle

It is so hard giving Christmas gifts to nieces and nephews who already have everything, and the one thing left they feel they have to have, is way out of the aunt/uncle budget.  So this year, I tried to be a little more creative.  I went to a craft store and started digging through some clearance bins when I ran across some GREAT looking iron-on bling.  I am pretty sure I bought every piece that they had and then ran over and bought t-shirts which were on sale too.  SCORE!

I thought it was a great idea, and so did they.  Now they have a piece of unique fashion and I still have some $ in my pocket.  I still have a stock of iron-ons left, so I put some on onesies for friends who were having babies, jeans for my little girl, and even on hats and backpacks.  Anywhere you can put an iron, you can iron these on too.  If you were to ask me, I think that's pretty crafty.

This one is made from a picture I downloaded from the Internet and printed it on iron-on transfer paper (which you can get anywhere like Target, Walmart, etc) and ironed it on for a fun gift for a good friend.

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