My version of Pottery Barn

My mom told me the other day when she was babysitting my kids that she loved my little girls pink room, but thought the lamp was really boring. I don't like to be told I have boring things in my house, so I decided to spruce it up.  I was walking through pottery barn kids looking for a new lamp shade, perhaps, and found one that I liked......that is until I saw the price.  So, being my cheap and crafty self, I decided to take on the challenge and make on myself.  AND I DID!

I went to Michael's crafts to purchase some "crafting" flowers to use.  After leaving there, I went to the dollar store to pick up who knows what, and saw a glowing light in the middle of the aisle. (Almost like a heavenly beacon) I followed it, and it was shining directly over some beautiful looking flowers that were even more perfect for my project than the ones I had just bought. So I bought them, and made a quick return to Micheal's.

Upon opening the boxes when I got home I realized they had such a fresh, clean smell and upon closer examination found out they were some sort of soft petal to put in your bath for a luxurious moment.  They felt like a fake flower, and didn't fall apart when I manipulated them, so I decided to proceed.

One night while watching the Biggest Loser (I always swear I will run on my treadmill during at least one hour of that show, but tonight, like most, that didn't happen) I got out my handy dandy glue gun and just randomly started gluing the flowers on.

In about 45 minutes, I got it done.

Well, it may not be a Pottery Barn Kids Lamp shade, but I think I like mine better.
(Especially because I saved close to $50)

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