Bringing the outdoors in

If you are like me right now, then you are about to die in anticipation for spring.  However, you don't have to wait for spring and summer to enjoy the beautiful and cheerful flowers while sitting indoors staring at the snow......again. I think people tend to just put fresh cut flowers inside to enjoy until they wilt and die.  But, flower pots full of dirt and seeds are not just for the outdoors anymore. It's time to bring them indoors.

I took a trip to Home Depot and found some fantastic spring flowers.  Flowers that do well in the cold, but I want to look at them inside. 

ranunculus planted in a terra cotta pot
( love the cool weather and are
planted as annuals)

Succulents are fantastic plants that are actually quite
durable and hard to kill.  These I planted
in little terra cotta pots and set them on a wooden
tray just for some green color.

Why not grow your own grass indoors? They do it
with a chia pet.  My husband makes fun of me for
doing this and especially when I trim it so it looks
clean cut and fresh.  Put some dirt in a glass jar so you
can see the creative arrangement of the roots as it grows.

Tulips are my favorite, and although they are not quite ready to bloom
in my gardens outside, some stores are "forcing" them to bloom so we
can enjoy them now.  Plant them among dirt so they will last longer and then
when they do die, take the bulbs and plant them outside for next year.

I love the smell and look of Heather.  It brightens my day. It's such a strange,
not so fluffy looking plant, but that's what attracts me to it.  Doesn't it look so
 fresh and cheerful in the pot that I bought at the Dollar Tree?

I do enjoy putting plants in different types of containers.  A delicate fern
needed  a bit of protection and this lantern does just that.  Plus, I think it makes it
a little more eye-catching.

And if you're looking for something a little more entertaining, check these out.  I found them at Lowes and they are guaranteed to grow "hair" made of rye grass in 7 days. Sometimes humor is always good.

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