A simple Reminder

So I was trying to come up with some ideas as I have recently been called to serve in my Church as the Young Women's Camp Director.  A daunting, yet exciting task.  I remember years and years ago when I attended girl's camp and one of my favorite parts was daily mail.  We had a plastic shoe organizer that hung from a tree with each of our names posted on a pouch.  Each day, we would get little handouts with inspirational messages, treats or other fun gifts to remind us we were loved and remind us of our worth.  I have decided to do that with my new Young Women and one of the items I wanted to share with them were "reminder rocks" or as some call them "prayer rocks".

Here are some of the rocks I made for them.  I wanted to remind them of things they should do besides just pray.  Smiling. laughing, loving, dancing, etc.  All things important in life that we tend to forget easily.  Put them on a pillow, chair or in a backpack and remember to do as they say and enjoy the moments life puts before you.

(you don't have to be an artist to make these.  They are rocks I have collected, washed and used acrylic paint on.  For the details, I used an acrylic paint pen. )

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