Time for an outdoor update

I have two beautiful lights that hang on the side of my garage.  The poor things have had to endure some pretty harsh weather.  Endless west sun exposure, no protection from rain, and wind, wind, wind.  Although the lights are still very nice, the finish to them has dulled and looks worn.  So, it's time for an update.

One of my three favorite craft tools of all time is SPRAY PAINT!  I feel like I have an endless supply.  You name the color, I have it.  Except this time. So off to one of my favorite stores....HOME DEPOT.


With the help of Rust-O-Leum and their great paint products, I found a nice hammered oil rubbed bronze that I thought would look nice on the front of my house. 

So I took the lights apart as much as I could, and wrapped the wrest to prevent over spray from getting on my brick.

Let's face it, I am a mess with paint and will forever rely on a good cleaning product to erase that mistake. Now, unless you read this, no one will ever know that I am not a perfect painter.

And here's the after.  I think they look so much better.
With a little crafty know how, and the use of spray paint, I have saved myself
a bundle of cash not having to buy nice, updated lights.

Pretty crafty, eh?

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