Jars are not just for food

When it comes to decorating, I like to do things out of the norm.  I like to display things, but I'm tired of baskets, or just setting things on shelves or platters.  So, As I  was walking through Pottery Barn, I noticed how many items they have displayed in glass.  I don't know if it was the light, or just the originality of it all, but I thought for sure I would have to figure out how to incorporate that into my own decor.

When I redid my Master Bathroom I got around to cleaning my cabinets and found all sorts of treasures that I thought would look great if somehow it could be displayed.  So I did just that.  In this jar, I included a sea foam sponge, some scrubbers, and those little travel size shampoos and conditioners  you get from hotels.  Surprisingly enough, most hotels now carry the nice stuff from Bath and Body Works. It all fit together beautiful.

This plant just looked boring in a vase. Especially because it's fake and there is one large wire holding it all together that definitely needed to be hidden. My solution, ROCKS!

I am also desperate for spring so I wanted to add something fresh to my gorgeous set of bookshelves in my front room.  Here I have fake eggs sitting on top of  green moss in a nice jar under a light.  At night, it looks spectacular.

I love candles too, but wanted to spice up the jar with some cranberries.  In the winter, I use pine cones, faux snow, or even candy corn during the fall. Use your imagination and don't just settle for what's easiest.
That Martha Stewart has some good ideas that I love to use. Some are a little out there, but this one to spruce up our 4th of July party table was too cute to pass up.  It is layers of colored sand in glass vases and topped with a votive candle.  How cute it that!

And finally, who says plants have to be grown in pots.  Put it in a glass vase and watch it grow.  Sometimes the root design is the most interesting part of the plant.

All I'm really saying with this people is lets think out of the box and invent new uses for the miscellaneous items we find laying around the house.

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