Out with the old light, in with the new

I think that when it comes to changing out light fixtures, we tend to get nervous and feel like an expert needs to be on site while it is done.  But, I didn't have time to wait for that expert to show up, so I had to dive on in and do it myself.  I probably should have read up more on how to do it, but for something as simple as changing this old ball light fixture to something a little more chic, I thought I was smart enough to figure it out on my own.  I was right.  Easy as pie!

The old light fixture.  Boring, old fashioned and provided terrible light for my laundry room.

The very first thing to do when messing with any electrical fixture is
I am pretty sure that warrants another shout out since it could be the difference between life and severe injury, even death. So make sure you
before you do anything else.
Once that's done, you can begin removing the screws and other hardware holding up your old fixture.

The new fixture I chose to use came with a mounting bracket, so screw it on good and tight and make sure you still have easy access to the wires. 

Now some people know which wires are positive and go with the other positive, etc.  I am one that just remembers that I disconnected the black wire from the black wire, so that must mean I attach it to the black wire on the new fixture.  It's that simple.  Just re-do exactly what I just undid.  If this makes no sense to you, which it is probably nothing more than just chaotic rambling, check out thisoldhouse.com or simply read the instructions that come in the box with your new light.

Here is my new light.  I love track lighting.  I think it's fun and I love that you can angle each light so that you get ample lighting coverage.

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