Silly Faces

My kids love those books that have magnetic faces with a variety of cutouts to choose from to create silly faces.  But the book, unfortunately, is at Grandma's and isn't always there when they want to play with it.  So, I thought about it, and found a way to bring some fun home. 

I took pictures of my kids and put them in some frames I had that were being unused.  (I am convinced I will always find a need for things so I never throw things aways.  It's a character flaw.)

I purchased some sheet metal that was already the size I needed.

Went home and googled a bunch of silly images I could use and sized them to fit my kids faces.  You can do this in the silhouette studio program, or I just used photoshop.

Then I modge-podged everything to magnets and the kid's pictures to the piece of metal.  Took the glass out of the frame so that the magnetic pieces would stick right to the picture.........and here's what we got.

My kids love it SOOOOOO much! Now they can make themselves look silly whenever they want.

 Now, isn't that crafty!

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