Is it spring yet?

I realize that it is almost June, but we are still waiting for spring to really start.  So, I guess we will have to do what we can to get it started.  We will have to make our own cherry blossoms to bring inside until we can find the real things.  Besides, these tend to last a bit longer too.

To make these you need:

Pink crepe paper (cut into small +medium circles)
Tree Branch (I used a birch branch for the delicateness of the twigs)
Tacky Glue
Take a circle of crepe paper and pinch it around the center. Do the same with another circle. 
~Put a dot of glue on the branch tip that you are going to put the blossom on and sandwich it between the two pinched circles. Repeat. And, repeat.....over and over until the branch is covered. 

And there you have it.  We just did what mother nature hasn't done completely yet.

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