Rustic Sunburst Mirror

I love sunburst mirrors.  But, I wanted one that was a little different than the metal kind you find in stores like pier 1 and z gallery.  So, I tried to make my own version using a really cool bunch of sticks I bought at IKEA ages ago.  Here's where my crazy ideas took me......

I bought a little mirror at Tai Pan for $2.  I am not sure I love the symbol in the center of it,  but it will do for now.  And then you can either gather your own sticks, or cheat like me and visit IKEA.

I decided on a length I thought would look good with the mirror and with my favorite tool....the glue gun....I began gluing the sticks to the back of the mirror.

And you just keep gluing until your sunburst is as full as you want it. 

I put a string on the back of the mirror between the two hooks and hung it up on my wall. 
I love it
It's exactly what I was wanting for my bedroom.
Pretty crafty don't ya think?

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