A summer to do

I am happy to say I have survived the first week of summer with my girl being home from school.  Amidst the whining, the never-ending need to play and the "I'm so bored" sighs, we managed to put together a summer to do list.   Now I am a girl who likes a checklist.  Crossing it off feels so rewarding somehow.  Our summer to do list is no exception.  Here's an idea of how to keep the "to-do's" on the forefront of your mind.

We got a frame (super cheap frame) from the craft store and printed up our list.  Now each time we visit or complete each activity, we can check it off and move to the next one. 

Pick one that works for you!! 

Here's how you can make one:
  • place the list into your frame behind the glass
  • use a permanent marker to write down all of your summer to-do's
  • then mark them off when the fun is had
*note: the permanent marker will wipe right off with windex

what are some exciting items you'll be adding to your to-do list this summer?

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