Fast Easy Bread

Let me just preface this posting with a very truthful statement.  My idea of making bread is visiting the local grocery store and buying it already made.  I have attempted on numerous occasions to make homemade bread.  Even used a bread maker, and have FAILED MISERABLY every time.  I can't even get Rhodes roll dough to rise and cook properly.  So you can imagine my dismay when I was introduced to this product from  the good people at

Here they say that you can "make homemade bread or pizza from start to eating in 60 minutes or less."
Of course, I laughed...........but then something beautiful happened.  I tried it and it was a HUGE SUCCESS
I actually made bread

Bread that people loved.  My husband, who likes to rate my cooking on a scale of 1-10, rated my stuffed crust pizza at a 10!

Just look how fantastic and delicious this pizza looks.

And this taco braid is simply magnificent

I even made cinnamon rolls


monkey bread

and soup bowls

all with the same easy recipe. 
You have to try it.  You will be the talk of the dinner table.

The secret is that the yeast is a commercial grade and in combination with a soy lecithin product, you can make this no fail bread in less time than most other bread recipes.  There is no waiting for it to rise and punching it down repeatedly.  It literally takes no time.  You can buy the yeast and lecithin at for $20. 


Check them out and when you order, make sure to mention you heard about them on

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