Lettered Coasters

How cute are these coasters?  I love word games, crossword puzzles and word searches.  Scrabble is one of my all time favorite games and no one will play with me because I knock their socks off every time and I guess it becomes a painful loss over time.  So, I will have to share my favorite game in a different kind of way.

I went to Home Depot and bought some super cheap tumbled tile

On the aisle where you purchase material for drawer liner and other similar items, you can buy this rubber fabric.  So, I got myself some to put on the bottom of the tile so it wouldn't slip or scratch.

And then you can either freehand  the letters with a sharpie, or turn to your silhouette machine and cut out stencils and color right on the tile. If you look closely, I tried painting the "o" on and it didn't look as nice as the other letters that were colored on with the sharpie.

I don't know what you are thinking, but I'm thinking that these are pretty darn crafty!

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