A laundry room redo

 I have a really awkward laundry room and pantry right off my kitchen that leads to the garage.  It is so small and always cluttered with stuff the kids and us just drop on the floor on our way inside the house. I have always wanted a mudroom but have no room to really add on.  One day while cleaning and organizing my kitchen, I was shocked to discover how much cupboard space we have in there and how much space we have in our storage room downstairs to hold our food storage.  So, my husband and I decided to get rid of the awkward pantry and put in a bench along with some shelves and hooks and make our own little "mudroom."  

I have decided to do the rebuild all by myself so this may take a bit longer than most other projects.  I will share photos of our progress as I go along.  

So here's the before.......

It's so small and tight in there I can't even get good pictures without doors and walls in the way. 


pantry and wall separating this room and the kitchen

Today is DEMOLITION DAY!  Boy, was it fun.  Any pent up aggression and frustration was released with every swing of the hammer and pull with the crow bar.  

Here, we got the shelves out

And a little trick I learned was to put something like a putty knife behind the crow bar so you don't punch a hole in the sheet rock you intend on saving.

And then here goes the wall!

I needed a little extra muscle from my husband in some parts.  He is always a good sport to jump in and rescue me in part.

And, although still awkward for picture taking, the room is on its way to a new transformation.  It's not going to add tons of space to this room, but anything we can get, we'll for sure take.

Stay tuned to see how I patch walls with sheet rock, putty and bracing boards.  

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