Even you can drywall

Hanging some drywall patches in my remodeling project was a bit easier than I anticipated. Don't go crazy now thinking that I would voluntarily do an entire room.  My little area is enough to keep me happy.  I learned how to do this by attending a workshop at the Home Depot that they usually do on Saturday mornings.  I am glad it was something that I can finally put to use.  

Some of the tools you need to do all of this is joint compound, drywall tape ( I prefer the paper tape to the mesh, but I guess it's a personal preference) and a trowel.

To begin, you want to make sure you have hung your sheetrock as close together as possible so you don't have a HUGE gap to fill.  With your trowel, spread a layer of the joint compound on the joint, lay the paper tape over the top, and use your trowel to smooth it out and press the remaining compound out of the sides.  Then, the fun really begins.  

Once the tape is on, mud over the tape like crazy, feathering it out so you don't have huge ridges on the edges of the tape and the wall. 

Once the mud is dry, you have to repeat this step several times until the wall is smooth and the joint of sheetrock is hidden.  So, in between coats, you will have to sand.  Let me prepare you by saying it is 
SUPER MESSY and I highly recommend wearing a mask of some sort.  The last thing you need is to have that dust in your lungs. 

I use a sanding sponge that you wet with water to help reduce the dust.  However, it is inevitable that you will still have a mess on your hands.

And you just sand your little heart out.

This is after sanding down one coat.  I'm just sayin'

So, the progress, well here it is.  It would be going so much faster if I didn't have so many other things going on.  But, I am happy it's getting done.........even if it is slow.

I love this shelf over the bench

It's still an awkward angle for pictures, but perhaps you get the idea.  Just
a little more caulking to make everything look seamless, and then it's priming and
painting time.

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