Fragrances on Display

I have a dear friend who has introduced me to a whole new world of fine fragrances.  And I have embraced that world fully. I LOVE THEM and I am now obsessed with smelling good.  One day her and I were having a converstion about how fine fragrances should not be kept in the bathroom or any where there is steam.  I won't get in to the chemical reaction of it all, but somehow the steam breaks the fragrance down and causes the fragrance to go bad quicker.

Well, I took her advice and moved the fragrances out of my bathroom.  But now, where to put them.  So , I came up with a decorative way of housing them away from the steam.

I started by building a rectangular box using one of my favorite tools....the nail gun,

After making sure it was all level, I added a few shelves and painted it.

Simple as that.  Now, not only does it hold my fragrances, but it adds a little decor to my room.

I know what you're saying......Isn't she crafty

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