Best Halloween Party Ideas

I have collected some ideas from Halloween's past that may be kind of fun for your holidays this year too.  Some of these I have done myself, and some of these are the creative genius' on the World Wide Web.  No matter where they are from, they are fun to make.........

A pumpkin cut in half, cleaned out and used as an ice bucket. Pretty crafty, eh?

White powdered doughnuts with red food coloring for the veins and a chocolate chip for the pupil.  The drink is just punch.  It's the outside that makes it awesome.  Use a little food coloring to dye Karo syrup and dip the glass in the syrup and let it run down the side.  Use a gummy worm to add extra EEEWWWW to the beverage.

This looks totally gross, but I am loving it.  Here's the recipe.  I am for sure going to try this at my party.

Halloween Meathead Recipe (Easy) Ingredients: 1 full-sized plastic human skull, 1.5 lbs. thin sliced deli meat, your choice, Cream cheese, BBQ sauce, or cranberry sauce, 2 hard boiled egg yolks, round mini-mozzarella, pieces, or cocktail onions, 2 slices of pimento-stuffed green olive. Instructions: 1. Buy a plastic skull. Wash the skull with soap and water and allow to dry. 2. Spread a "base" over the skull. BBQ sauce and jellied cranberry sauce give the skull a bloody, gory look as your guests lift away the lunch meat. Cream cheese is not as fun, but probably tastes better with most meats. This is entirely your choice. 3. Evenly distribute your lunch meat over the prepared skull, leaving openings at the eyes and mouth. Smallish pieces of meat work better than larger ones, as they're easier to manipulate and form. You may need to use toothpicks to get some of the meat to stay in place. 4. For eyes, place one hard boiled egg yolk or small mozzarella cheese ball in each eye socket. Top with a slice of pimento-stuffed green olive. 6. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to eat.

What fun to carve a pumpkin like this.  The teeth are actually marshmallows stuck in with toothpicks.  Here's a tip for your pumpkin carving.  When you are all done, spray the inside and raw edges of the pumpkin with WD40.  It will preserve them and make them last longer without such a dramatic withering. 

Fun cookies.  Striped fudge cookies with a little orange frosting holding a kiss on top.  This is always a big hit with the kids.

I just got me a set of these at Pottery Barn.  I am shaking in anticipation to serve up a dish with these.

Hot dog mummy's  anyone?

Just a few ideas to help you get your party on!!

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