Halloween for Baby

I was trying to come up with a funny gift to give my friend for her newest little baby boy's baby shower.  Since the baby is due around Halloween, I thought it would be funny to give him some way to dress up without going overboard. While surfing the Internet, I found something both funny and very frightening.  These pacifiers that make these poor babies look like...well I don't even know what to say about them other than YIKES.  Too harsh to get that for my friend, but it got me thinking. I could make something similar, yet less deforming.
How about mustache pacifiers!


Check out how cute these turned out.  The mustaches are made out of black felt fabric and attached with double sided sticky tape, or even a dab of hot glue.  These will be perfect for a little Halloween trickery.  
At least it's better than these:

Now baby can share in the Halloween festivities too!!
Pretty crafty, eh!

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  1. HA HAAA!!!!! Still laughing! That is frightening! I like your take on it much better for a sweet innocent little one!