Hand Scrub

As the gardening season begins to wind down.......the remnants left over are calloused, rough hands.  I have come up with the perfect gift to share with your "green thumbed" friends to help them find that smooth soft skin we all once remember. 

Start off with a BIG ol’ mixing bowl and some sugar

some dish soap (since it is HAND SCRUB I love using the Hand Renewal kind)

a couple drops of peppermint extract

& some pretty little jars

Whip Up a Batch:

Tip: My measuring trick that I’ve learned
after creating several batches:
** pour the sugar into the jars you’re gonna use nearly to the top
& then…
pour that into your mixing bowl
you get the consistency you like
then add a few squeezes of soap until
to the consistency of…well…


add a couple drops of extract to up the scent factor
stir, stir, stir
plop into your jars and then
Decorate the jars as you’d like!!

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