A candy cane wreath

This is one of the first Christmas Holidays that we have had the opportunity to decorate our fairly newly finished basement.  I looked through all my stuff and found I was low on decorations, so I had to put my hands to work making something new.  We put up a Christmas Tree on one end of the room, and on the other, decorated the fireplace. 

And since this room is referred to as the "kid's domain" it was hard to figure out what else to put in there that wouldn't get destroyed before we actually had a chance to enjoy it.  So, the only option I was left with was something that could be hung and out of the line of fire.
I love the color RED and am so happy to use it as much as possible.  I also love candy canes (probably 'cause they are red and white) and will use them anywhere I can.  So, with candy canes and red in mind, along with the "hanging" I made a wreath that is different, yet quite cute.  -Well, at least I thought so.

I took a wreath form that I bought at Michael's Crafts and with red and whit yarn, began to wrap it in color blocks as to look striped.

There was no gluing involved.  I know I can't believe it either, especially with the way I love a glue gun. Instead, when it was time to change the color, I just tied the two strings together in a knot on the back of the wreath, and trimmed the extra string.

and continued to wrap and wrap the yarn around.  To pass the time, as it requires little concentration, me and the kids watched Home Alone 2 and sipped hot cocoa. 

Before the show even ended, the wreath was finished.  Well, almost.  It still needed a bit of embellishment.

I found an unused sparkling Santa and some cute sparkly picks and I have to admit, I did use hot glue to adhere them to the wreath. I almost got away with a whole craft without the use of hot glue. 

And then, I hung it with care on the big mirror that adorns the wall in the room.  It added to the holiday spirit of the room, and inspired me to do something else...............

Stay tuned for what idea was born next!

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