Holiday in the Window

First of all, don't judge me because my photography skills are terrible.  Perhaps that would be a wise resolution to add to the 2012 list of "Things to Learn" but for now, it is what it is.  As I mentioned in my previous crafting entry, I am still trying to figure out ways to decorate my basement for the holidays while still allowing it to be kid friendly, since it is where the kids are sent to spend the majority of their time.  For me, the solution, aside from the Christmas tree, is to hang things wherever possible.  First a wreath on my mirror, and now candy canes from the wooden valances above my windows.

I found these plastic candy canes (6 to a bag) at Dollar Tree and bought some festive ribbon to accessorize the hanging. 

With the use of a little hot glue, I adhered the ribbon to the candy cane

Using some tape, I hung the candy canes from the backside of the valances, making them hang as evenly as possible

And when they were finished, I was pleased with the outcome of my work.  All 10 minutes of it.

There ya go.  Another easy way to add holiday cheer to any room without taking up space.

Now isn't that crafty!

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