Christmas for your neighbors

I love to give my neighbors gifts around the holidays.  Not only because it's a holiday, but also to show them how lucky we feel to live around such wonderful people.  Usually baked goods are passed around and treats show up on my doorstep, and oh how yummy they are.  I, however, am not a fantastic cook and am too embarrassed to share my treats with others, so I craft instead.  It's hard to know what to get for your friends that doesn't look cheap and corny, but also that won't brake the bank.  

I wanted to focus this year on the "True" meaning of Christmas was, and do it in a very simple way.  So I came up with this little nativity.  As simple and plain as it may seem, the meaning is there and if my neighbors choose to not keep it around, it's not like they are throwing away a gift that cost a lot of money. 

In fact I spent a total $6.27 for my supplies and was able to get 11 gifts in all. 

It is nothing more than a square dowel cut into 2 different sizes representing Mary and Joseph.  A small, thin board painted white to represent a baby in a blanket, and wooden beads from the craft store glued on as heads.  Simple, cheap, yet inspiring. You could attach a favorite poem or saying to it if you would like, or just wrap this up in cute cellophane.

Pretty easy.....and pretty darn crafty.

Happy Holidays!

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