Santa IS for real!! And I can prove it.

So, I have found the solution to that age old question from kids all over the world: Is Santa for real?
To all those doubting youngsters, I say YES Santa is for real, and I can prove it.  I have pictures of the Jolly Old Man coming into our house and making himself comfortable.  How do I have these pictures you may ask?  Well, to my children that could be answered by telling them we placed cameras around to try a capture him hard at work.  To you, the grown-ups, I would tell you to check out a website called

So these pictures are of my actual house.  My tree, my furniture, my crazy lights.  And Santa is right in the middle of it all.  It's pretty fun to have a documented visit from Santa to help keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our kid's hearts and in our's as well.

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Anything to help my kids believe a bit longer because it's so magical!