The Tooth fairy came....

My sweet little 6 year old girl is loosing teeth faster than the tooth fairy can afford.  It seems like we are getting visited more often than most other children.  Hopefully, this trend will stop as I have no desire to start liquifiying her solid food.  Because the tooth fairy has stopped by so much lately, we decided to try and catch her in the act.

I told Ella that we would put a camera on her nightstand and perhaps it would capture the moment and we could see the tooth fairy for real.  So, I took a couple of shots of Ella in bed, telling her I needed to get the camera positioned just so.  Here's what we caught in the middle of the night!

Actually, the real story starts with a website called
I took a picture of Ella sleeping and uploaded to the website where you can then choose from many poses and colors of tooth fairies and simply add them to your photo.  

To some it may sound funny, but to those who still believe, it is the perfect way to enjoy the fantasy and keep the magic alive.  Check it out for your family and little ones.....

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  1. Your daughter looks just like mine. I almost messaged you to say I'm not ok with you using her picture then realized it wasn't her. Lol